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本文摘要:Ride-hailing startup Lyft announced recently that its making its own self-driving car technology—a move that could help it meet an audacious goal of having autonomous vehicles chauffeur most of its passengers around by 2021.叫出租车新成立公司“来福车”此前宣布产品研发无人驾驶技术性,该企业方案到2021年上下搭建由无人车配置绝大多数旅客,而产品研发无人驾驶技术性有利于搭建这一豪情壮志。

Ride-hailing startup Lyft announced recently that its making its own self-driving car technology—a move that could help it meet an audacious goal of having autonomous vehicles chauffeur most of its passengers around by 2021.叫出租车新成立公司“来福车”此前宣布产品研发无人驾驶技术性,该企业方案到2021年上下搭建由无人车配置绝大多数旅客,而产品研发无人驾驶技术性有利于搭建这一豪情壮志。It sounds a bit far-fetched, considering that autonomous cars are still largely in the testing stages, but Lyft is just one of many companies saying that 2021 will be the year that these vehicles finally get out on the roads en masse.因为无人车如今非常多方面上仍正处在产品测试,因此 听得一起有点儿但是于可靠。

但了解好几家公司答复2021年无人车将规模性驶来路面,而来福车仅仅在其中一家。So, sure, it could happen. And going along with that positive line of thinking—assuming that we will, in fact, have self-driving cars in 2021—we wondered what other technological marvels and milestones await us in that magical year.因而,这一切自然有可能再次出现。

假如沿着这类消极的构思坚持下去,假定2021年无人车沦落实际,那麼有没有什么技术性惊喜或高新科技提升在这里神密的一年等待大家呢?The answer was surprising. According to an array of predictions from tech companies and market researchers, plenty of changes are coming.回答令人大吃一惊。依据科技有限公司和市场调研工作人员进行的一系列预测分析,诸多转型即将到来。Electric cars纯电动车When it comes to driving, 2021 wont just be about fancy robot cars; its expected to be a year in which well have more electric vehicles, too. A report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance forecasts that electric vehicles will make up a little less than 4% of all car sales in the US and 5% of all car sales in Europe that year, up from 1% and 2%, respectively, this year.谈起司机,2021年不但仅仅高級无人车的一年,到时电瓶车也将来可能更加普及化。


彭博新闻社新能源技术金融的一份汇报预测分析,2021年纯电动车的销售量将占据美国汽车总销售量的接近4%,在欧州的占有率将超出5%,和2020年相比各自降低1%和2%。Virtual reality虚拟现实技术Though virtual realitys first year with some powerful consumer headsets on the market, 2016, wasnt exactly a blockbuster, the technology is expected to be on a lot more faces come 2021. IDC forecasts that shipments of virtual and augmented reality headsets will rise to about 92 million in 2021, which would be close to 10 times as many as shipped out last year.功能齐全的虚拟现实技术帽子在二零一六年初次问世后并没流行。但是,预估2021年用以此项技术性的客户将大幅降低。

据国际数据公司预测分析,2021年虚拟现实技术和增强现实技术帽子的销售量将降低到9200万元左右,这将是上年销售量的10倍。Male birth control男性节育We raise an eyebrow for this one more than most, but well just have to wait and see: a company called Contraline is reportedly working to bring to market a form of reversible male birth control that doesnt require surgery.男性节育比大部分事儿更为让大家倍感车祸事故,可是大家只务必等待坦然:据报道,一家起名叫Contraline的企业已经期待将一种需要手术才可进行的共轭点式男性节育方法走向市场。Contraline claims it has come up with a “polymer hydrogel” that is implanted in the vas deferens—in just a few minutes with the help of an ultrasound—and is meant to block the passage of sperm for years. In April Contraline announced that it had raised $2.2 million toward its goal and that it aimed to have a product on the market in 2021.Contraline称作,她们产品研发出有一种嵌入到射精管的“高分子材料凝胶剂”,它能够将男性精子运送的地下隧道堵塞多年,只务必运用超音波花上十多分钟才可顺利完成。

2020年4月,Contraline宣布想在2021年市场销售这款商品,并为达到目标筹集资金220万美金。Getting online网际网路In 2021, many more of us will be able to weigh in on these amazing new technologies (whether or not they actually came to fruition).2021年,更为多的人将能够对之上神密的新技术应用公布发帖子了(无论他们否了解搭建了)。

Networking-equipment maker Cisco forecasts in its Visual Networking Index that the number of people using the Internet will climb from 3.3 billion today to 4.6 billion within four years. That would be more than half the worlds population, using the United Nations estimate of 7.8 billion by 2021.计算机设备生产商思科公司的视觉效果互联网指数值预测分析,四年内互联网技术客户将从如今的33亿人升高至46亿人。联合国组织预计2021年世界人口为78亿,根据这一数据,预估互联网技术客户将占据全球人口的一半之上。

Cheap solar power便宜太阳能发电Clean energy has been getting cheaper for a while now, and in the not-so-distant future of 2021, it is expected to finally become cheaper to use renewable power sources like solar and wind rather than coal in a number of key countries.如今,绿色能源的价钱早就更为便宜,而在直接以后的2021年,在一些关键我国,太阳能发电和风力等可再生资源的价钱将来可能高过煤碳。While solar power—which is pricier than the other big renewable source, wind—is already comparable price-wise to coal in countries such as the US, Italy, and Germany, a recent report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that by 2021, solar power will be cheaper than coal in China, India, Mexico, Brazil, and the UK.太阳能发电比风力等别的大中型可再生资源要便宜,尽管在国外、西班牙、法国等我国,太阳能发电的价钱早就比媒矿更为有效,但彭博新闻社新能源技术金融前不久的一份汇报预测分析,到2021年,我国、印尼、西班牙、墨西哥和美国的太阳能发电将比媒矿更为便宜。Lab-grown chicken试验室培养鸡肉Chicken grown in a laboratory, rather than on a farm, sounds far out, but it may be here in a few years.鸡肉在试验室培养出去,这听得一起很远,可是两年后有可能就沦落实际了。


And since it doesnt involve killing any fowl, it may lead to chicken nuggets that even the staunchest animal lover will nibble on.那样的饲养方法会干掉一切禽畜,生产制造出带的黑椒鸡块连最忠实的小动物发烧友有可能也不会服用。Thats the hope of a company called Memphis Meats, which is planning to sell its lab-raised, animal-free chicken by 2021 - an achievement its already on the way to meeting since it says it has grown pieces of chicken and duck sans animals in its lab.这一点子来源于孟菲斯肉制品企业,该企业已经方案于2021年前市场销售试验室培养的“无鸡鸡肉”,孟菲斯肉制品企业早就即将搭建这一总体目标,她们称作早就在试验室里培养出现长出禽畜的鸡肉块和鹅肉块。